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Not So Fantastic (open)

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Not So Fantastic (open)

Post by Ben Grimm on Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:25 pm

Since he had found himself in this strange new world, though no stranger than his own, Ben Grimm had noticed several differences. The one that stood out the most was how strangely unfantastic it was. Unlike in his own world, costumed heroes were not an everyday occurance. If a mugging was going to happen, you were lucky if the cops would help you. In his own world, he and his team would have been lucky if it was just a mugging. Though he hadn't expected to, he missed the lot of them.

Reed had always been his best friend, at least since college. Reed had seen what no one else had ever bothered to see in him: potential. Ben had grown up a bothersome, trouble making youth. The only reason he had ended up in college was a football scholarship from his years as a high school player. Though the two had been roommates, they had initially despised each other. It wasn't until they had bonded over science and space that Reed saw what Ben could do. They remained steadfast friends which had eventually led to meeting the Storm siblings. Sue was sweet, had always treated Ben with the kindness that Ben had only ever received from his mother. Johnny was another matter. He was foolish, headstrong, and immature. At first they had crashed, had hated each other. Then Ben realized the truth, he loved the boy. He hid his feelings, least he get teased. He had his his feelings up until the moment he was transported to this world.

Though he didn't have the friends he once did, this world was not all bad. The New York Police Department had been a good job for him, giving him something to do with his life. Then there was Alex Summers, a sweet rookie cop who came from another world just like him. There was a lot in the way Alex acted that reminded Ben of Johnny Storm. He was a gentle soul. This time, if Ben fell in love, he would make sure to tell the other man how he felt.

Today had been a slow day at work, leaving Ben glad when he got off for the day. He had clocked out before coming here, some hole in the wall bar where a band played classic rock. He ordered a beer, looking around. Yet another busy, not so fantastic day.

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Ben Grimm

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